Body Sugaring

Body Sugaring is a 100% natural method of body hair removal that dates back to the time of Cleopatra.
Body Sugaring provides LONG lasting results and is safe, gentle and the most effective/natural way to remove unwanted hair, with the added benefit of exfoliation & removal of dead skin cells. Unlike waxing or shaving, Sugaring does not break the hair off at skin level. The Sugaring method removes the hair entirely from the follicular root and all!  This means there is a greater diminishment (permanently) of hair growth, less pain and the eliminating of ingrown hairs and irritation.  Body Sugaring leaves your skin in better condition after the extraction, with results lasting longer than any other method. 

  • Other Benefits of Body Sugaring:
    • The body sugaring method can extract even short hairs.
    • The sugaring paste is 100% pure and natural you could eat it!
    • Body Sugaring is sanitary and unlike other hair removal practices there is no cross-contamination.
    • The sugaring paste is hypoallergenic and great for even the most sensitive off skin.
    • The sugar paste is so gentle that the paste can be applied more than once to the same area; it exfoliates only dead skin cells, which results in a more thorough removal of the hair
    • The sugar paste is water soluble leaving behind no messy or sticky residue.
    • The sugar paste is kept a little above room temperature so it will not burn the skin.
    • Sugaring keeps the hair away longer and leads to hair loss permanency, with results noticed even after your first treatment!
    • Body Sugaring leads to permanency with noticeable results after your first sugaring.  

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